Orang Utan

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Newcomer artist „Orang Utan“ debuts with „Who’s your love?“, released on one of the world’s biggest electro labels, Ultra Music. The music video features two on spacehopper jumping, monkey-mask wearing guys.It’s this interplay between the carelessness of animals and the thoughtfulness of men which substantiates the magic of “Who’s Your Love?” Childish innocence – mirrored in the simple recurring vocals counting “1, 2, 3, 4, 5” – wrestling with the desire for something deeper.
It’s this human urge for connection, for belonging, for escaping our solitude and building social bonds. Probably the crucial little difference between us and the eponymous Orang Utans, which ironically are the most solitary of the great apes.
Furthermore, the song has a purpose: Artist Orang Utan partners up with WWF and commits to donating 50% to protecting the „real“ Orangutans in Borneo. Probably the easiest and most fun way to do something powerful.