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Abbott’s story starts with a passion for film music and his mother bringing a piano as decoration to his childhood home in the Netherlands, on which he taught himself to play.

What follows are a degree at the Artez Conservatorium in the Netherlands, commissioned work in the Mecca of film-music Los Angeles and music compositions and productions in Hamburg.

His music finds its home in the Neo-Classical genre, with dramatic accents, influenced by artists like Max Richter, Jóhann Jóhannsson and Arvo Pärt.

Abbott invites the listener to embark on an emotional odyssey with him.

The compositions are organic and dark, melancholic and intimate, and are always marked by ABBOTTs love for film music.

ABBOTT’S debut album shows his profound passion in writing deep, emotional and classical music. Back in 2016, when ABBOTT was sketching out his musical ideas, he joined hands with 2WEI Music and together they decided to turn these ideas into a full album.