Ali Christenhusz

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Aljoscha ‘Ali’ Christenhusz is a German composer, based in Hamburg. He spent several years in Los Angeles, working for Grammy Award winning composer Junkie XL. He wrote music for a number of high-profile movies, such as DeadpoolTomb Raider and Batman v Superman.

In 2018 he relocated back to Germany, to build his studio in Hamburg and focus on his personal music. In contrast to the big, sensational Hollywood productions, his own compositions offer a very intimate and delicate view onto his own story.

Next to his personal music, he wrote music for several Triple-A game trailers, such as Call of DutyThe Elder Scrolls and Ghost Recon. His music was used in advertisement films for major brands like UNICEFBMWVWHyundai and the German Football Association.

Aljoscha is frequently collaborating with the composer duo 2WEI, with whom he released the cinematic album Emergence in 2020.