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In a forgotten time, the world gave us one of the most important achievements of modern times. From an evening full of mind-expanding moments it was suddenly born: Floppy Disk. It was more than a band. It was a movement and a loving commune. The mission was simple: pure Rock’n Roll. And so the band was founded in times of the emerging punk scene and the developing modernization through computer technology. The big breakthrough was unfortunately not possible for them in the few years between 1970 and 2020. Nonetheless, the band never gave up and knew their time would come! After many years in abandoned Irish pubs and concerts in front of old drunk men and women, now the biggest headline of our time is real: FLOPPY DISK is back. And how they are back! I mean … damn.. they are back PEOPLE! And they are stronger, funnier, polarizing and more energetic than all the 40 years before. The breakthrough is here and you shouldn’t miss the greatest music phenomenon of our time. Stop reading this pointless presstext and hear their new song „NaNaNa“! The album will be out on soon.

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