Black mirror - Season 6 - Teaser

Music by 2WEI & Bri Bryant

APEX Aresenal - Launch Trailer

Music by 2WEI

League of Legends - The Call (2022 Cinematic)

Music by 2WEI

Need for Speed – Unbound ft. A$AP Rocky

Music by 2WEI, Joznez & A$AP Rocky

BATTLEFIELD 2042 - Reveal trailer

Music by 2WEI & Ali Christenhusz

Assassin's Creed – Leap into History

Music by 2WEI & Aurora

No sudden move - trailer

Remix by 2WEI

Shadow & Bone - Teaser Trailer

Music by 2WEI and Ali Christenhusz

Tomb Raider - Official Trailer

Cover by 2WEI

Honey Heist

Remix by 2WEI

League of Legends - Cinematic Trailer 2020

Music by 2WEI & Edda Hayes

WILD RIFT - Cinematic Launch trailer

Cover by 2WEI